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Willa Ford Fans
Willa Ford Official Web-Site and Street Team 411


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Willa Ford Official Web-Site and Street Team 411

This page was last updated on Wednesday, October 3, 2001

-Oh no! Casey the Willa Ford Street Team Director is now the former Willa Ford Street Team Director. How sad. We'll miss you Casey!!! Our new Director is Vanessa. Check your e-mail. I recently learned yesterday that some street team members erase messages from the street team because they think they're just messages from the director asking us to promote for Willa. Well, this person was upset because she deleted info on how she could be in Willa's next video. My point is...don't erase those babies! Everyone, send Casey an e-mail to tell him good-bye. I dunno if his account is still open, but do it anyway.

-Friday, August 31, 2001 was the last day to participate in contests. Now the dreaded wait of finding out if you won or not. But, hey even if you didn't win, you still have a lotta chances to win prizes and other cool stuff from Willa Ford Fan Club 2001 (WFFC2001) There are sooo many chances for you to win. Join WFFC2001 and you might be Newbie Of The Week! Go earn some!!!

-The Official Willa Ford Store is FINALLY up and running!!!!! Yipeeee! Now you can stock up on all your Willa Gear. Guyz, there are Willa posters there.

-The Official Willa Ford Message Board is STILL go to MY Willa Ford Message Board. Yeah, it's empty NOW, but if you go there, maybe more people will come!

-If you are having trouble with The Official Willa Ford Web-Site, Willa's People are working very hard on getting it fixed for ya!

-The Willa Ford Yahoo Street Team is... well it's at Yahoo!