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Girl Talk With Willa


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~~~Girl Talk With Willa~~~

How To Remove A Hickey, By Willa Ford

Put something cold on the hickey, a compress or ice, to keep it from spreading. My ex-boyfriend once gave me a hickey on my nose. It lasted a whole week. My mom was sooooo mad! But I gave him back a hickey on the chin which is actually a great sucking place. Hickeys on the neck are cheesy. If I'm going to leave my tag somewhere, I'm going to leave my mark. I think the stomach would be kind of hot.

If the hickey still has swelling around it after a couple days, well, first of all, that's awesome. You've given a serious hickey and I want to shake your hand. But you should apply moist heat, which sweeps away the blood vessels faster. My girlfriend once tried to comb her hickey. I've actually tried putting a penny on the hickey, but it didn't work.

Apply concealer to the hickey. Use a powder over the concealer, but make sure that you blend, because if you don't, you're just going to draw more attention to the hickey.

If all else fails, you should embrace the hickey. Accessorize the hickey. Accept it, and go around proud to say, "This is my hickey." But I guess you could use a turtleneck or scarf to cover it up if you don’t want anyone to see it.

Willa Dishes Her Beauty Secrets
"Moisturize before any base or foundation to keep it from caking up."

"Nobody should ever leave without concealer."

"I just use makeup remover cloths by Biore and every so often I get a facial -- that's my favorite pamper service!"

What Willa uses to stay "sexy"
"Concealer, lip gloss, Mac pressed powder, Cover Girl mascara and lotion."