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Now's the time to show your support for Willa Ford. Help Willa get published in “Music Superstars – The Greatest All-Time Fan Tribute to the Top Music Entertainers”. It is one of three major chapters in Superstars-The Greatest All-Time Music, Movie and Sports Celebrities. This book is written BY the Fans FOR the Stars. As a Willa Fan, you get the opportunity to submit pictures, personal stories, or whatever you choose to that's Willa related, to be IN the book. If your submissions are chosen, WILLA IS GOING TO SEE HOW MUCH YOU SUPPORT HER!!! One lucky Willa Fan will get the opportunity to send a personal message with the book that will be delivered to Willa. Aside from getting the satisfaction of knowing that you showed MILLIONS of Fans and Willa Ford, herself, that you support Willa, by participating, you could be eligible to win a trip to the 2002 VMAs!!! These are just a few of the benefits of helping nominate Willa to appear in the book. In order for all of this good stuff to happen, Willa Fans have to nominate Willa to be one of the artists that appear in the book. Here's what you need to do. (Please review the instructions before doing anything!)

(1)  Get a member name. You MUST use this link. If you're a Willa Ford Fan Club 2001 Member or a WillaFord@ezboard Member, you will be rewarded 50 Fan Club Points for participating in this event! After you get your member name, send your Member Name, along with either your WFFC2001 or WillaFord@ezboard Member Name, to Every Fan that participates in this event will have his or her name published on Willa Ford Fans, WillaFord@ezboard, and Willa Ford Fan Club 2001!!! Your submission, if sent to me, will also be posted on those sites. A special prize will be given to at least one Willa Fan who submits the best entry for the book. Send a copy of your submission to if you would like your submission to be considered.

(2)  After you have your Member Name, go to the "Fan Publications" section on the left side of the page and click the "Music Superstars" link. There's a scroll box on the page that reads "Choose Your Group". Select Willa Ford's name, which appears as "Ford, Willa" and click the "Continue" button.

(3)   Click the "Participate" button.

(4)  From there, you can submit your tribute to Willa Ford!!!

(5)  That was the last instruction. You may now get a member name and show your support for Willa Ford!!!