WFFC 2001
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The most important rule: PLEASE, absolutely NO spamming! Whatís MY definition of Ďíspammingíí? Distributing more than one copy of a publication (e-mail, message board post, you know what I mean) to the same person or group (message board, club, mailing list, or ANYbody) in the SAME day. *begin humor* If you do this and my name or the affiliation of WFFC2001 is associated with that junk, I will hurt you. *end humor* Also, I prefer that you only send invitations to people who have opted to be ON a clubís mailing list. For example, if you go to a club and see that a person is NOT receiving messages by e-mail, BUT has his e-mail address listed, please donít e-mail that person an invitation.

Well, I guess THIS is the most important rule: NO, and I mean NO pornographic material. I mean ABSOLUTELY NONE!!! If youíre caught posting a pornographic picture, a LINK to a pornographic site, or anything related to pornographic material, I WILL report you to. . . to SOMEbody. I donít know who yet, but Iím sure thereís somebody I can report you to. *lol* This really isnít a laughing matter, though. There ARE young fans who are not LEGALLY allowed to see that stuff, so donít post it! WHAT YOU SHOULD INCLUDE IN YOUR INVITATIONS Well, at least a link to WFFC2001 or WFF. Please post a link to WFFC2001 before you post a link to WFF! CONTESTS AND OPPORTUNTIES TO BE REWARDED POINTS LinkBack Links to WFF or WFFC2001 on sites 100 pts E-mail me the links to sites that youíve linked to WFF or WFFC2001. Once I verify that the link has been posted (not saying that I donít trust you *lol*), I will update your points. The link MUST stay active, meaning that it canít be on a message board, cause theyíll eventually get deleted, sooner than later. So, I guess the only sites that you can earn LinkBack points on are YOUR web-sites or other peopleís web-sites that have agreed to keep a WFF or WFFC2001 link on the page. Signature Links Links to WFF or WFFC2001 in your signature 50 pts *If you use a message board that allows me to see your previous posts, that is the ONLY way you can receive credit for your Signature Links, UNLESS, you e-mail me a copy of the posts. (Be sure to include your screen name that you posted those messages under AND your WFFC2001 ScreenName when e-mailing me those posts!!! I donít care if you made 1000 posts and a million people viewed those posts; if I donít know what your WFFC2001 ScreenName is, I canít reward you the points that you earned.) Once I see your posts on a message board with links to WFF or WFFC2001 in your signature, you will be rewarded 50 points for EACH DIFFERENT message board that you post on. For you sneaky people (yeah, YOU! *lol*), this means that you only get 50 points for each TOTALLY separate message board. For example, if you go to Message Board A and post in the General Discussion area, then post in the News section of Message Board A, donít expect to get 100 points, because that is the same board as far as Iím concerned. Signature Links Bonus Points A whole lotta link-backs to WFF or WFFC2001 because you posted a lot 30 pts *Each week, I will tally up the number of posts made by Members participating in this contest. The top THREE members with the most posts gets 50 bonus points each! RECRUITING TIPS When posting invitations on other Clubsí Message Boards, please say ĎĎHi!íí to the Club Members and show at least SOME interest in that club. Donít just leave a link. Try to start a discussion with the Members. They are more likely to respond to SOMEONE, rather than a link. ALWAYS thank the Club Founders and Members for letting you post invitations on their Board. That could determine the fate of your posted link if that Founder doesnít really like solicitations on his board and is contemplating deleting it. *smile* Be nice. Pleeeease be nice. People are NOT going to join this club if you are not nice. You canít be mean or not well liked on a message board and ask someone to join a club for you. This is not only for your sake, but for the sake of Willa. I know that the contact that I have with an Artistís Fans has a HUGE impact on whether or not I wanna join an Artistís Club and have future contact with that Artistís Fans. So, you can see how YOU can affect Willa and her perspective Fans. Be honest! People may not be interested in the Club or even Willa for that matter, but there ARE some really cool and helpful people who are willing to help others win contests! And who knows, they may even BECOME interested in Willa and the Club later. If all else fails, BRIBE. *lol* Tell them that youíll join clubs for them if they join the club for YOU. Well, this isnít actually BRIBING. Itís a fair trade-off. *lol* GOOD LUCK! and Thanx for making WFFC2001 what it is! Willa Power!