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Willa Ford

Willa Ford Fans    Willa Ford Fan Club 2001   WillaFord@ezboard

Okay you guys, Willa needs our help in the airplay department. On the Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 Countdown, she is slipping. We were so close to getting her in the Top 10. That was 3 weeks ago for the week of August 8, 2001 to August 15, 2001 when I Wanna Be Bad was the 11th most requested song in AMERICA!!! WE WERE SO CLOSE! COME ON YOU GUYS!!! Please, if you're an on-line street team member, log in and VOTE!!! If you're NOT a street team member, click the link below to become a member, okay? And then vote. If you join by this link then join Willa Ford Fan Club 2001 or WillaFord@ezboard, you'll get 50 Fan Club Points!!! Just post at WillaFord@ezboard that you "JOINED TO HELP WILLA!!!" Become a Team Member and VOTE for I Wanna Be Bad on the radio from your computer!!!

Please vote for I Wanna Be Bad on TRL. Since we haven't been doing our job, I Wanna Be Bad is not listed as one of the videos that we can vote for on TRL, but all you have to do is put her name and the video's name in the slot and fill out the other information like we used to, and then you've voted for I Wanna Be Bad!!! Please do this! Vote for I Wanna Be Bad on TRL!!!