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Willa Ford Fans
The Antis/Rumors


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The Antis

Okay, I think that the first thing that you need to understand is that these rumors were started by Antis in an effort to "ruin Willa's career" (Source: An Anti Site). Or maybe I'm reading too much into sites that vow to "hate the Backstreet Girlfriends and Wives". *lol* Second, these Antis are Nick Carter Worshippers. Awww, yeah, it's all making sense now, isn't it? *lol* There are people who claim that they're not Nick Fans and just don't like Willa cuzza what others have told them about Willa, and I sorta believe that. They're believing crap that Antis are telling them. Third, these Antis are kids, which explains their childish behavior. *lol* They're nothing more than jealous little girls. Some of them claim to be adults, but I just refuse to believe that there are adults that have nothing better to do than stay at home and waste their time searching the net for Willa stuff and compiling an Anti site from it. AND staying on her official message board all day bashing her (true story *lol*). Wait, all the Antis aren't jealous little girls. There are those that feel as though they're Nick Carter's protectors. Um, Nick's a grown man. He can make his own decisions and date anyone that he wants to date. And for a while, that was Willa. *grin* If he has issues with Willa, or anyone else for that matter, he can handle it. If she was such a bad person, why did he keep going back to her? Yeah, they broke up "for good", but, um, aren't they still friends? So, there goes the theory on "Nick breaking up with Willa because he finally saw what a bad person she is." *lol* If she is such a bad person, I don't think that the Nick Carter would think twice about spending his valuable time with her.

The Rumors
Okay, so here are the usual rumors/things that Antis have spread about Willa and claim are the reasons they don't like her.

"Willa beat the crap outta Nick!"
WHO CARES? No, just kiddin. *lol* Okay, from what I understand, Nick called Willa a bitch, so Willa hit him. WOW, big deal!!! Willa hit someone after he called her a bitch! She's such a bad person. *lol* Okay, I don't condone violence, but he started it when he called her a bitch, which was waaaay wrong in the first place. But, still, there are Antis who don't like Willa cuzza this, but they're still all on Nick Carter, clinging to his every word. *confused*

"Willa is rude to Fans!"
The only people I'm hearing this from are Antis, so...Yeah. Exactly. *lol* Anyway, there's no proof of this. This always occurs when no one's around...except an Anti, of course. *lol* Even if she was rude to Fans, there are sooo many Artists, who shall remain nameless *ahem*, that have been accused of being rude to Fans or that have outright been rude to Fans in the public and even in their songs. When I talk to Antis who just happen to be Fans and supporters of these Artists, it's just so hard for me to believe that "Willa is rude/mean" is the reason they don't like her. Especially when I've been on pro Willa Ford message boards and have had Antis log on and just start bashing WillaFans. *confused*