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Willa Ford Fans
My Thank-You Notes


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First, I'd like to thank YOU! Yeah, YOU. Without YOU, I wouldn't even have a reason for updating this site. Well, I guess I'd have to thank Willa for that, too, wouldn't I? *confused, as usual* But, you guys obviously like the site enough to keep coming back. And of course the complements from you guys are AWESOME, just like You! Stay Willa Proud!!! Oh, duh, I forgot to thank you for that, too. You guys ROCK! We're doing such a good job at being Willa Fans. Keep showing your support for Willa! I'm sure she appreciates it just as much as I do.

I'd like to thank for having the coolest dolls that I can steal, edit, and make my own.

For everyone who let me use their comments on Willa Ford Fans, THANX! Since the list is short right now, I can name you all: Sarah, InnocentGirl, purplemadness0928, Jennyfer, LuckyDucky101, xjustdavidx, AmazingWillaFord, lance07301981, ajs#1fan, RockStarRoo, nicksspanisheyes, and hercampj.

To the FIRST Member of Willa Ford Fan Club 2001. Tiggersdobounce, Thanx!!!

I give mad props and thanx to those former Anti-Willas and to those BSB/Nick Carter Fans who are mature and open-minded enough to "give Willa a chance". Thanx from me, and I'm sure from Willa, too!

I'd also like to thank for having the quickest counter set-up. And thanx to them for not closing my account yet. *whispers* I'm supposed to link to them either by the counter or on the homepage, but I haven't so, THANX!

Thanx to Tripod for making it so easy for an impatient gurl like me to make a site.

To all the people that worked on Willa Was Here, thank you so much for making it a slammin' azz album. I swear, it's at the top of My List.

A special thanx to all the haters out there. If it weren't for you, I neva woulda hearda Willa. (Hey, that rhymes. *giggles*) When I'm tired azz hell from promoting for Willa and go to a board or chat room and see your nasty posts about Willa, it motivates me to keep on promoting for her. So, THANK YOU!!!

Um, that's about all I can think of for now. But, unlike at the cheesy award shows, I can always update this site and add to my Thank You Notes. Hehe.

Electronically signed with Luv,